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What Makes Me The Best Fine Arts Educator  

My Passion For Helping Others 

When I was in 7th grade, I was apart of a special group to assist in teaching a kindergarten class. Then and there, I knew being an educator was in my future. I'm able to problem solve and diffuse situations to achieve favorable outcomes.  I've always had a nurturing and enthusiastic personality. One of my best attributes is my ability to create harmony with any given surroundings. I love to inspire young people to tap into their own creativity, like my teachers did for me.

Previous experience I've had working with kids:

-Face/Arm Painting at Birthday Parties

- Current Job Teaching Gymnastics 

-My younger cousin Elyssa


Drive & Determination 

I've been playing since softball since I was 4. I've come a long way with self growth since then. I learned at a young age discipline, respect and focus. Last year I was in a position to step up and lead my team to win the Section 3 Title. I also had an undefeated season record of 20 wins and 0 loses.  

Because of the experiences that pushed me to reach all my accomplishments on the field, I cultivated good work ethic. ANY task given to be I will exceed the expectations. 


Interpersonal Skills 

Throughout my years of softball, I've had many ups and downs. You win some and lose some. Sports has taught me how to deal with the bad times. Along my journey I've had the pleasure  to meet and become  friends with amazing people from all different teams. This lead to having exceptional interpersonal skills along the way. I pride myself on my ability to speak clearly as well as an active listener.  I can effectively work with others in various settings like groups, and promote teamwork. 

Traveling & Exploring 
Between visiting my sister's art college in Savannah to walking the halls of my high school, I am constantly inspired. People don't realize;
So when i get the chance  to travel to new places, I can be inspired to create art. I'm also a huge fan of looking at all sorts of Art. My favorite type of art pieces are the ones that make you really think or feel emotion. Work that isn't so explained, left up to interpretation of the viewer. The world is so big to not explore the endless ideas to create!
My Inspirations 
My grandfather was an amazing painter and graphic artist. He was always giving me tips and showing me his sketchbooks that he one day passed to me. I grew to appreciate the beauty of nature like just like  he did. Although he's passed away I feel connected with him when I create art, he lives through my art.
My older sister Sharlene Richards is one of the biggest inspirations in my life right now to continue pursuing a career in art. She goes to school in Savannah, Georgia
(SCAD) to study film and producing. We always push each other to be the best versions of ourselves.
 I can't be more proud of her journey, and inspired to create my own path. 
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